ARTBAR Gallery is so excited to announce the new art exhibit opening of 'Untitled²' by Talya Baharal and Gene Gnida. We will have food and drinks available at the bar so you can relax and enjoy the art and conversation of friends!

The ardor for the visual language of abstraction is what fuels the paintings of both Talya Baharal and Gene Gnida. 

Gene Gnida’s oil paintings are rooted in his passion for abstract expressionist bold brush strokes. Gene uses a primarily black and white palette, occasionally allowing a hint of color to sneak into the composition. His work is about the exploration of feeling - unleashing the visceral emotion which he conveys with his paint brush. There is a vocabulary that comes through - a vocabulary that is understood on a guttural level. A feeling that you get what he is trying to say without the need for words.

Talya Baharal’s paintings, while also spare in their palette, incorporate more color and a variety of marks, mixed media and collage. Working on watercolor paper and wood panels, Talya uses a variety of inks, acrylic paint, pastel and graphite. Working mostly intuitively she draws upon the many inspirations around her. In some series her shapes seem to evoke containers or vessels. Other series appear as abstracted views from above revealing compositions that remind one of maps, aerial shots revealing the division of land, excavation and other natural formations. Drawing from her fascination with asphalt road repairs on city streets, residues of decay and detritus have long been a source of inspiration. 

Partners in life and in art-making for over three decades - they share the same reaction when asked to speak to the meaning in their paintings - the language of abstraction is for both a way of seeing, a way of absorbing and a way of communicating. The rest is up to the viewer.