self: SELF


ARTBAR Gallery is back open for 2018. Along with the first exhibition of the year, ARTBAR is introducing a new food/drink menu and the addition of Midtown Music. Midtown Music will be hosting all music events held at ARTBAR this year with classical, world music, jazz, and singer songwriter series'. Check out all current news in art and music on Facebook: ARTBAR Gallery and Midtown Music Kingston. 

Opening Reception: February 3, 2018, 5-9 pm
Curated by Leah Monsour and Anthony Licata 

Featured Artists: Marissa Contelmo, Anthony Licata, Leah Monsour, John Murphy, Alekz Pacheco, Jenna Papageorgantis, Katy Sloan

ARTBAR Gallery is proud to present self: SELF, an exhibition of works by SUNY New Paltz BFA Students. The "self" is constantly caught between who we think we are and how others perceive us. This work deals with perceptions of self, internal and external. The artists in this exhibition talk about aspects of identity such as family, sexuality, religion, mental health, and consciousness. In this work the artist has a say in the matter, a chance to talk about influences, to talk about themselves, and how they understand identity.