GATHER Exhibition – International Women’s Month – March 2019

For women, art was discovered by way of domestic craft. They would gather to create practical items. The practice became ritualistic, and a sacred time for them to commune. These craft mediums evolved from necessity, but creativity helped them develop meaning and value beyond practicality.Fine-art developed for aesthetic purposes independent of serving a utilitarian function. Presently, craft and fine-art often share space, blurring the lines of their historically separate definition. The dialogue of creation by way of necessity remains important, as we now gather in spaces beyond the domestic to create and to share our experience as women and as makers.As far back as history can remember, the presence of female and femme-identifying artists has been underrepresented, but nevertheless important; especially amidst the socio-political climate we currently find ourselves in.

Curators Casey Taylor and Elizabeth Ibarra present the group exhibition, GATHER.

It will take place from March 2nd – 23rd at Artbar Gallery in Kingston, NY during International Women’s Month, and will highlight work from women, femme, and non-binary identifying artists in the Hudson Valley & surrounding areas.



Looking at craft mediums being a necessity for existence, how do non-craft mediums, become a necessity to an individual’s existence if a person finds the inherent need to create it?

How have we, as makers, redefined craft – and how have we, as artists, redefined the parameters of our mediums through our own feminine identity?

How is our reaction to the socio-political culture, mediums we choose, and ultimately our personal experience echoed in the pieces we create?


Submissions Open: Jan 9th – Feb 9th 2019 (extended to February 14th)
Chosen artists will be notified via email on Feb 16th, 2019

Show dates: March 2nd – 23rd 2019
Opening Reception: March 2nd
Drop off work: Feb 22nd + 23rd , 2-7 PM 2019

If your piece needs to be hung, all pieces must be wired and ready to hang, or they will not be
displayed. ARTBAR encourages sales, and the artist will receive 60% and the gallery and curators will receive 40%.

Curated by Casey Taylor & Elizabeth Ibarra

@ARTBAR in Kingston, NY

If you have questions please email:

Submission Fee $5
All fees crowdsourced from this application will be used to fund production costs.

Thank you for supporting and allowing us to uplift women, femme, and non-binary identifying artists by giving them a platform to show their artwork!